Welcome to my blog!

This is a space where I bring together my theological lenses and my personal experiences to make sense of the world around me and to offer my readers a challenging perspective–formed by the periphery of American society–that will contribute to their own theological/spiritual journey.

To be forthright, my blog reflections critically engage topics that are politically charged, socially relevant, and religiously controversial. More specifically, they focus on issues of injustice related to the criminal justice system, society/culture (race, class, sex, etc.), and Western Christianity.

While my approach to these topics may seem hyper-critical and unnecessarily antagonistic of American Christianity, my intentions are sincere. My reflections are driven by the conviction that Christian theology and the Church should never resource the exploitation and endangerment of human life. Instead, both must play a critical role in deconstructing the conceptual trappings that conceal the ideological schemes of oppressive social structures in order to cast vision for a just world. It is my sincere desire to see others embrace this conviction. Be inspired. Be challenged. Enjoy.